Hot starters & salads

Hot starters

Planche apéro 16.00 €

Local cold meat and cheese

Soupe of the day 17.00 €

Vegetables, local cheese, croutons, bacon


Salade Montagnarde 18.00 €

Salad, crust bread, egg, tomatoes, bacon, cheese cubes

Salade César 19.00 €

Romaine, salad, breaded chicken strips, croutons, parmesan, caesar sauce

Salade Croustillant Savoyard 20.00 €

Salad, reblochon cheese, smoked ham with brick sheet, potatoes, tomatoes


Veggy Bowl  20.00 €

Wok sauteed veggies, lentil balls and tricolor quinoa, spicy green curry

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